+ displaced activity -
1-й зин
The first release of the project Zine as an Exhibition: Postcovid is the zine "+ Displaced activity -" by curator Lera Lerner and St. Petersburg artists Sasha Zubritskaya, Tanya Chernomordova, Galya Yaptik, as well as artist, performer Valya Lutsenko and artist and poet Roman Osminkin. Zine talks about what it is like to experience a forced refusal to move in space, to create, to embrace, to resist, while supporting others and yourself. Displaced activity is a reaction to stress when, in the impossibility of doing what we want, we switch to "inadequate actions": scrolling the social media feed without penetrating into the content, or endlessly wiping dust.

"We make the zine as a form of shifted activity in response to the impossibility of moving together in a space of resistance," say the artists, trying to look at themselves from the outside and see their creativity in so-called "inadequate" actions.

In the artists' works, the prefix "post", from the given context "postcovid", shows itself as a post in social networks, imprint, place of observation, future, impression, abstinence, postal message, self-test.
Creators of the zine:
Lera Lerner
curator of the 1st zine
artist, curator, mediator, founder of the Imaginary Museum of Displaced Persons. She is engaged in social and poetic art in the format of mutual educational projects, inclusive projects, artistic research and performative practices.
Alina Belishkina
curator of the project "Zine as an Exhibition: Postcovid"
curator, artist and educator. Lives in St. Petersburg and Helsinki. Studied at the Curatorial Research Program (CuMMA) of Aalto University, Helsinki.
From 2011 to 2016 Alina taught theories and practices of contemporary art in various fields at educational institutions of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Curator and participant in international and Russian exhibitions and programs. She was a guest lecturer at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, ZIL Cultural Center, Rodchenko School, etc.
Sasha Zubritskaya
artist, designer of the 1st zine
artist, works with video, graphics and objects, developing themes of interjectivity, identity, desire and access to affect. For three years she regularly cooperates with the group "North-7", which in 2019 was nominated for the Innovation Prize for organizing the seventh independent fairs of contemporary art. The artist's works are in the collection of the Belgian museum M HKA.
Roman Osminkin
poet, performer, artist, curator, researcher
poet, performer, artist, curator, researcher of the contemporary art and poetry. Member of the editorial board of the "Translit" magazine and co-editor of the independent art portal K.R.A.P.I.V.A. Participant of the "Techno-Poetry" cooperative and "Laboratory of Poetic Actionism" group. He is a co-curator of the public program of the Manifesta 10 Biennale and the "Poetry on an Island" festival (New Holland).
Galya Yaptik
graduated from the Institute of Peoples of the North and the Photodepartament. Since 2015 gets a second name, Syanda, practices mechanical realism and tantric asceticism, fiercely cleanses herself from her mind, wonders by spitting from the window, predicts the weather on her fingers, brings home stones and happiness. Goods and services: rituals with consequences, vague vision, removal of the collectivism blanket and the crown of marriage, rituals of sparrow fidelity, joint search for male happiness and powerlessness, protection from white glances and positive moods, entry into the strip at the lady's luck, predictions along the corridor of the commune, future predictions by photo.
Tanya Chernomordova
studied at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, now she is studying at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, at the group of Sergey Bratkov. Co-founder of the Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben exhibition space.
Valya Lutsenko
artist, dancer, choreographer, performer, teacher
Born in Uzhur. Graduated from: Cosmonautics School (Zheleznogorsk), St. Petersburg State University: History of Art (BA) and Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (MA).Graduated from the educational program in contemporary choreography and performance SOTA under the direction of Dina Hussein (2015). Collaborated with Tovstonogov BDT, V-A-C Foundation, SDVIG Studio, etc. She took part in domestic and foreign collaborations in the field of modern dance and performance.