NCCA in Saint-Petersburg



Curatorial Forum is an annual international project organized by the North-West branch of Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

(The National Center for Contemporary Arts in St. Petersburg).

It is an event with the participation of leading institutional and independent curators, gallery owners, art managers, which helps to strengthen and develop cultural ties between Russian artists and cultural professionals with colleagues from other countries and regions, as well as to increase interest among a wide audience in contemporary art in St. Petersburg.

In 2020, the forum turns to educational practices in museums and other cultural institutions such as museum pedagogy and art mediation. Additionally, the forum will pay attention to more general issues related to the production of knowledge in the sphere of contemporary culture.

The main program this year includes: an online project Symposium* on the topic Educational U-turn. Who Else Produces Knowledge in Culture?, Art Weekend and special projects which are: take-away exhibition Zine as Exhibition: Postcovid, Studio Studies project including 20 video interviews with St. Petersburg artists in their workshops, and an internship program for university students of Saint Petersburg.

We have been actively preparing the program of the 2nd Curatorial Forum, but the current situation has made its adjustments and we have developed options for holding the forum in a post-covid environment, having publicly available data on the complexity and unpredictability of the effects of the pandemic, as well as understanding that it is necessary to continue to work, to create opportunities for the development of the artistic environment.

In 2020, the 2nd Curatorial Forum will be held with grant funding from the
Saint Petersburg Foundation for Support of Innovations and Youth Initiatives.

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